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While that may seem like an understandable rule, since many pension collectors are retired, it would have been just as simple for her to have "No Elderly" on the list, instead of writing off a segment of men who live off an income that is provided by the government.The best reason we can muster for her being super specific as to avoid men who can no longer work is because their income is usually set for the remainder of their life, and that income is usually pretty low.

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Snoring is sexy, but even worse than its attractiveness is its ability to make any gal cranky AF day after day.

If you want to find a partner that you'll be catching some Zzz's with on the daily, considering this as a make or break rule is just plain important. Jade has a strict policy against dating anyone who is collecting a pension.

At times, I find myself doubting, thinking that maybe my standards are too high.

But then I re-evaluate my standards and realize that they are all reasonable and fair.

A single woman telling a bunch of girls, “Don’t settle.” In telling us not to settle, she was telling us something that every girl knows subconsciously in her heart but often fails to believe because of the doubts and insecurities she faces: she is worthy.

Every woman is worthy of being loved the way God made her to be loved; no woman should ever have to feel like she is giving up any of her values or beliefs in exchange for a relationship. The single woman who gave us this advice just got married over the summer, after finding someone she loves, who loves her in return—someone she never had to settle for.

Playing second fiddle to another woman is pretty demeaning, and it also speaks more about you if you choose to be the girl who is desperate enough to share her man.

Well, it also speaks a lot about the dude you're dating!

I always find it useful to have a plan of action in case I run into a difficult situation where it’s hard to think on the spot—and talking to someone of the opposite sex can most definitely be one of those anxiety-inducing, thought-scattering situations.

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