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Readers: If you’ve tried online dating, what are your tips for finding good matches?

” My friend was gushing about the whimsical first date she had last week.

Please don’t take that destructive message to heart.

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And so to alleviate that uneasiness, they play this odd game of, “Let’s see if I can get away with giving her ” They don’t want to be vulnerable.

More often than not, I’ve had Black men invite me into their mama’s homes, late at night when she’s sleeping, for a little “Netflix and chill” (ugh, I know the phrase is to those types of “first dates” anyway.

Others are well-meaning, respectful men who aren’t ready for an ongoing relationship — maybe they’re recently widowed or in the aftermath of a bad break-up.

But they want to connect sexually and don’t know how to approach women to explore that.

It might not surprise you that one of the most frequent questions I get from single guys is how to find someone for sex.

Some are as tactless as the phone calls you describe.It was clear what he was hinting at – in his eyes, it’s more typical of a non-POC man to go through all the trouble to win over a woman’s heart. Pfft, he a trend of some Black men, well, “holding back” when it comes to putting their best romantic foot forward.To be real, it seems as if they’re far more afraid of being “taken advantage of” by women.He said that my appearance makes me f**k-able but my age makes me undateable. I know if this is happening to me, it is happening to other women. Fed Up Joan replies: I understand why you’re fed up after these blatantly sexual approaches. You picked a good one that many seniors (and younger folks) use and endorse. Your dissatisfaction is based on some crass guys who probably respond to every profile they read, hoping for the best.Did you read through various men’s profiles and contact some of the interesting ones directly, or just wait for men to choose you?My husband would have told you that I was the most willing and enthusiastic lover he ever had.

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