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Let me preface the rest of this piece by saying it won’t be a pessimistic tale of a Bitter Billy; I’ll do my best to present things as positively as I see, and to be open about the experiences I’ve had. I’ve been single most of my young adult life and have had my share of experience with dating apps and traditional dating as well.

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Like Josh, I have a pretty traditional upbringing but tend to find gender roles outdated, silly, and sometimes offensive.

And don’t even get me started on things like “manly” body wash and laundry detergent.

Tinder was exciting in a risque kind of way at first, but it got tiring quickly. The vast majority of my app-initiated dates were fine, but I adopted a policy of not giving my number out to anyone I had not met in person.

I then switched to Bumble where the men were generally more attractive, educated, employable, and normal. Another problematic thing is the abundance of options.

In fact, some of the students I mentored created a rap about my app activity.

Nearly all my married friends love the idea of swiping for me and saying the anticipated and dreaded line, “Oh!

When I’ve ghosted, I didn’t feel I could be bothered with having an uncomfortable conversation. I wanted closure and reexamined every word and action, hoping they would realize what an idiot they had been.

(It doesn’t help when your ghosters periodically slide in your DMs, by the way.) Through a lot of grace and forgiveness, I’m now dating someone I originally met on an app and who I have regretfully ghosted in the past.

In an age where you have hundreds of potential suitors at your fingertips, it’s easy and harmful to always wonder, “Is there someone better out there?

” It’s definitely caused me to hold back in some of my relationships for fear that this one wasn’t “the one.”First Date Expectations: Who does what? With the exception of Bumble, you constantly ask yourself “Should I communicate first or should she? I may be old-fashioned because I was raised by parents and older sisters who trained me to speak first, pick the girl up, and always pay on the first couple of dates. I haven’t picked up a girl for a first date, if we’ve met virtually, but I still abide by some traditional values—I believe are traits of being a good human being—of holding the door open and paying first.

While hanging out with a Tinder date after two glasses of wine, he lamented that “girls have it so much easier” on apps.

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