Dating at 40s

If you plan on dating a woman in her 40’s for an extended period of time, chances are that you’ll meet her kids.How will you respond when you are being slot in for daddy duties?Here are just a few reasons young bucks find women in their 40s to be awesome romantic companions: Each individual will have their own unique reasons for dating an older woman.

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The aforementioned dating oddities only compound the act of dating a woman in her 40s.

In the modern dating landscape not only are there more single women in their 40s than ever before, but men in their 40s, 30s, and even 20s are considered potential suitors.

What does it mean to chase a single woman of seasoned age? Below is a breakdown based on different male age brackets.

The first question that a skeptical friend might ask you, is why you’re attracted to a woman in her 40s? If we take evolution into account it almost doesn’t make sense.

Know how to deflect and use wit to diffuse awkward and even hostile situations.

When acting romantically in public, you two will be given your fair share of odd looks.

A woman in her 40s has her best child bearing years behind her, she’s physically less in shape than a woman in her 20s, and has less years left to live than a girl your age.

Yet if he were able to look beyond such reasoning he would see that there are a host of reasons why a younger man would go for an older suitor.

You will begin to ask yourself if this 40-year-old woman is a serious option going forward or if she’s just a fling. But the reality is that as you age the dating pool shrinks.

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