Dating at 30

I have been on the usual dating apps, Tinder, Happen, POF you name them, I have been on them. Do I walk around with a sign on my head saying ‘stupid’ speak to me, I believe anything(which I don’t) why is the most normal thing in life, so difficult for me..

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You, Me & Translator Makes Three - How much do you really need to be able to communicate in a relationship?

You have the cool, good looking guys you want to date. I have been single now for nearly 3 years since ending a long term relationship. Maybe I have got to realise, I am never going to meet Aladdin or Prince Charming, they are Disney characters, maybe I am excepting too much, who knows!?

I find myself coming to the realisation I will never meet Mr Right! Will I ever have that life which society deems “normal” will I meet someone, get married and have children…”live happily ever after” or at 30 have I got to begin to realise life isn’t a fairy tale” like saying the goes ” life’s not a fairy tale, if you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk”.

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