Dating and epilepsy

There is a demonstrated connection between menstruation and seizures in women with simple partial, complex partial and generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

Different types of seizures are associated with different phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

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Parental overprotectiveness can have adverse effects on a young person’s health.

It can provoke rebellious behaviour with severe repercussions such as neglecting medication.

Anticonvulsant medication can further aggravate mood swings, often pronounced prior to and during menstruation.

If mood swings become problematic, women should discuss adjustments to medication with their physicians.

Before deciding to use oral contraceptives, women who take anticonvulsant medication should consult their physician.

Certain types of anticonvulsants can impair the effectiveness of birth control pills and cause breakthrough bleeding.

While it may take a little trial and error to find the right combination of anti-seizure drugs to control your epilepsy yet not interfere with your sex life, it can be done.

Tips to a Better Sex Life With Epilepsy Though strenuous physical activity and powerful emotions can trigger seizures in some people, there's no concrete evidence that sex itself causes seizures.

Findings show fluctuations in female hormones prior to and during menstruation may elevate seizure frequency in some women.

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