Dating ancient lamps

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In Islamism, God is compared to the oil lamp because he guides people, like a light, to him.

Chinese folk religion and Hinduism also use oil lamps in both ways, as a method of lightning and as symbols in religious rituals.

For thousands of years small oil lamps were used for light in homes, temples, taverns, and tombs.

At least as far back as 3,500 BC, oil lamps are known to have been in use, though crude by standards reached in the first few centuries AD.

Ancient Romans, before the prayer to goddess Vesta, lit an oil lamp that would symbolize her.

Oil lamp has symbolic meaning in the other religions as well.

Moss drenched in animal fat would be put in it and moss would be lit to emanate light.

That idea was more practical that torches and it survived to this day in one form or the other.

In Judaism it is a symbol of light that lights the way for wise and righteous.

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