Dating after being abusive relationship

The post-date analysis was one of my favorite pastimes.

It was a special time, when my girlfriends and I would get together, usually over a meal, or coffee and we’d laugh about what colossal dating faux pas Savannah made this time.

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Everything, all of the problems and the break up was entirely someone else’s fault. I remember a date I had with a guy whose face, actually twisted into this mean hideous mass, as he spoke about his ex-wife. I also dated a guy who had nothing nice to say about his sister.

‘I guess they don’t get along I thought,’ until I noticed that he had nothing nice to say about any female.

I don’t care how cute, sexy, or funny they are, there is nothing here, but problems – stop it before it begins.

Beware the jobless, homeless guy: If at some point over dessert, your date informs you that they are couch surfing, living in their buddies basement, or that they don’t have a job at the moment, I’d be doing my best road runner interpretation and heading for the highway.

Because adults that don’t have jobs have to rely on the charity of somebody – make sure that somebody isn’t you.

And no they don’t get points for being honest about it.

We’ve discussed this in previous blogs, but it’s worthy of repeating.

If your date likes to recycle his exes and hates to throw away a good piece of supply, you may have caught yourself a Narcissist – at the very least an intimacy dodger.

Throughout my various stages of emotional health, I have blundered my way through oodles of men, chalking up one epic dating failure after another, enough to supply Rom Com writers with copious amounts of material for decades.

Through it all I have laughed, I have cried, but most importantly I learned.

Beware the addict: Drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, gambling, if you discover your date has any type of compulsive behavior, that they can’t control – it’s time to hit the pavement in a big, big way, before you’ve made any emotional investment.

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