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Dating is a numbers game, but some apps, such as Match and Ok Cupid, actually list your match percentage.

While no one knows the secret sauce behind the mysterious algorithms, they can be used to your advantage as you ramp up your flirting skills.

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A text like the one above will get a reply because it’s simple and brief — just three sentences.

It shows you’ve viewed their profile and can relate to their favorite rock and roll band, and then asks a question.

My favorite one came from Gary: If you’d like to see a selection of quotes on how to be funny, you can find a humorous quote from someone who was paid to be a comic.

Brainy Quote has a vast collection to borrow from, and make sure to cite the person behind the humor.

Most likely, they’ll reply saying they’re curious as well and will strike up a chat.

Some people will take it further and respond with reasons why the algorithm is correct, so don’t be surprised if someone says: “That must be because we were both fans of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Did you watch the show’s finale?

My rule of thumb is anyone who is a 90% match or higher should have that pointed out to them in the first message.

The conversation starter above usually gets an instant reply, so expect the recipient to check out your profile.

The weather can often be a dull topic of conversation, or sometimes it can become the hard news story of the day.

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