Dating a punjabi guy

Set them down and said he's dating someone that isn't one of them, and they started crying. Then they started laughing because they thought it was a joke. it does make it 'easier' to relate or share common things. You'd think that coming to America they'd understand that this was a potential outcome of coming here, right?

but how it is their culture to just want to marry the same person. Sometimes I feel like the people here in America are more strict and deep in their 'ways' and 'culture' than people actually living I'm India.

BTW - I was in Sacramento today ;-)PS = Never Marry A Muslim If You Love Your Life that last comment is uncalled for. so we shouldnt marry muslims but we should marry sikhs like you who are prejudice? This is the war of New Generation & Old Generation. Every Fahter & Mother from Old Generation especially in India, thinks that Western Culture is not good. This is not the sikh, Even Hindu, Muslim Families not allow there children to marry Western People.

I am a Sikh Guy and am going to be happily married to a white girl - I Love Her. This reminds me of my uncle's story who fell in love with this white girl in Michigan when he was working for Ford....

They now are happily married and have 3 beautiful kids..... Now, I have a truly blonde punjabi aunt ;-) Go to the Gurudwara, do seva and approach his parents - There is nothing to lose..... This is the war of New Generation & Old Generation.

You Rascal, Y R U creating a bad images of Sikhs, Don't comment if you are not aware of anything. A poor white girl has been taken for a ride by a sikh guy.

Next year he will be demanding that his wife is a virgin (fat chance) you should address the hypocricy not Islam.

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I'm a 23 year old female dating a Punjabi guy for almost 2 years.

I did,t I respect islam Isaid we respect women , islam does not. Sulas only allowed 4 wives because sexual satisfaction.

That is why mohammed was screwing every screwable object in sight, including sows and sheep.

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