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In contrast, the brass range "didn't quite take off".This he attributes to the (then) fashion of using American trumpets and large bore trombones.

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Bach aficionados will generally keen to point out that most Bachs are good instruments, however.

The trick, it seems, is to play test a few examples to make sure you're getting one of the good ones. Gordon Cherry has very kindly given permission for his Bach trombone serial number list to be reproduced on this site. Boosey & Hawkes has for many years been the sole large-scale producer of brass instruments in the UK.

Please take a few moments to read my copyright notice and disclaimer if you haven't done so already.

Vincent Bach began producing mouthpieces in New York in 1918 and trumpets in 1924.

A collection of top-line professional jazz trumpets and trombones, according to Stewart Stunell.

He says they have "a neat caliper tuning slide mechanism".

This is a list containing the specifications of non-custom trombone models from various manufacturers that have been discontinued.

I hope to add to and continually update this list - please do let me know if you spot any errors or omissions.

On Conn�s retirement in 1915, the company was sold to Carl Diamond Greenleaf.

Under Greenleaf�s direction, the firm prospered, expanding still further through both organic growth and purchase of other companies.

According to Stewart Stunell, this was a complete family of professional trombones. Stewart Stunell says that the Besson International range were professional models considered equivalent to the Sovereign Cornets and Imperial trombones (Bb/F tenor and Bb/F bass).

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