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The fact that Danish men (and women) pursue purely platonic relationships with the opposite sex has meant their dating culture suffers badly.So here’s the big mistake I made here: I tried to play the Danish dating game according to New Zealand rules: if we like someone we ask them out (heaven forbid) out loud, we flirt with the objects of our affections and not with our friends, and we consider the opposite sex a thing to ‘date’ not to ‘befriend’. Most Danes consider a solid friendship as the only way to start a relationship – the thought of an ‘awkward’ date or blunt comment like “I like you” is way too much for them to handle.One group received a high dose of vitamin C intravenously (10g) and the other group received a saline solution.

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The study was a double-blind, randomized trial that involved 141 healthy office workers.

The study participants were divided into two groups.

The vitamin C group had higher levels of serum vitamin C and less markers of oxidative stress.

When I first arrived here I met a guy at a friend’s party who I instantly liked. Four months later, after films, drinks, a double date, a bit of hand holding under the guise “let me help you so you don’t slip on the ice” (funny that the ‘ice’ lasted for a kilometre) and I’m thinking this is going great …

Can eating a certain healthy food really make us happier and give us energy?

According to research recently published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, eating two kiwi fruit each day can do just that.Most Danes I know have hooked up with half their friends and dated about a quarter of them.Furthermore they don’t consider it weird (quite the opposite) to shamelessly flirt to the point that any normal human being would consider it a sign they’re into you.I do get ideas of how it could go once we meet but do kiwi men have general expectations from women? He's mentioned he has a thing for asian girls. Have a look at Jan or Feb of this page when students tend to arrive. We don't have the same heavy-handed Catholic influence like the Philippines. We are generally a nice bunch of people, fairly laid back.I'm currently in the Philippines and he's planning to visit within a few months. That said, don't put up with any shit from him :).Kiwifruit are an excellent source of vitamin C, polyphenols and potassium.

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