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If you are a foreigner who is visiting Germany or an expat who is living here, you will probably want to meet a girl or two during your stay.

I have a friend from England who once told me how he went to Oktoberfest in Munich and was surprised that most of the girls don’t look like this.

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You can ask her to go on a date with you or give you her phone number, but in Germany things like kissing on the cheek a person you are not close to is very uncommon.

Maybe she will enjoy a friendly hug from a stranger, but she is definitely not used to this.

It’s easy to chat up a girl and maybe get a phone number, but dating is something completely different.

Be prepared to have a one-sided conversation on the first date.

The good news is that the super-hot German girls are not approached that often.

Locals are usually too afraid to walk up to them and they will settle for someone who is a five or six tops.

The thing is that German guys are usually not that direct and don’t chat up girls that often.

They do start conversations and everything sometimes, it’s just that they are not that straight forward.

They can be found on the streets, in clubs, bars, social events, and in a number of other places in the country.

No, not all of them have blonde hair and giant boobs, but there are some who do.

Your chances of meeting a good-looking German girl are quite high if you gather enough courage to walk up to her be direct.

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