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Higher end clubs have a different vibe because you are going to see the same people repeatedly - and avoiding getting rejected is important as a result. Another word for discretion would be 'Social Intelligence' or Socially Savvy. If you think about it, these are all qualities that say 'higher value'.

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Ruina starts off by explaining the context of high end bars, promoters, getting into the clubs and so on. Discretion is something I've focused on a lot over the later years of my development, because it is a lot more important to higher quality girls and higher status people.

He talks a bit about value and setting the scene for you, so that you know what are going to be 'no no's to avoid. And this is how things are done by higher social status people. It's a skillset that I think has been under-valued and emphasized so i was glad to see that when I got into this course - it was all about discretion.

This hands-on support will make it a lot easier for you to implement.

This program is aimed at the advanced, and upper intermediate levels.

To make use of this you will already have some success with women.

This course is ideal for someone who wants to start meeting and attracting women of a higher quality, who are of higher social status, and for meeting women in high end venues (e.g. In the comments for some of this course I saw questions that were clearly from guys who were still at a beginner level and were struggling to get success from the techniques.

It will not be due to the techniques though, it will be because you are not yet at a point where your image conveys enough value to be able to pull the techniques off. If so you are probably ready to use the content in this program to great effect.

Here's a quick test for you to judge if you are ready, beyond doing the checklist of the items I just mentioned. There weren't any real downsides to talk about on this program.

The content is really aimed there, although of course you could use the techniques on women who are not at the higher status / quality end of the range to great effect.

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