Dating a finance guy

unfortunately, your worldviews are completely options: 1) he can do the work on his own accord to take up more egalitarian, left-leaning ideals, or 2) you can find a partner that shares a similar worldview, makes you a better organizer and sharper thinker, and fights alongside you to build the new world you want to build Im in a similar situation that my gf thinks a few of my views are a little extreme.

She thinks me saying "i hate rich people" is unfair bc i havent met all of them and its a blanket statement.

She said she certainly was not lesbian because lesbians/gays have a disease, according to her. For some time I kept questioning her about this, and turns out she strongly beliefs non-heterosexuals have a genetic disease, are worth less than others and in an ideal world they should be dead.

Then, she went on by trying to justify her homophobia (or convince me of it) by saying "of course I think this, I also am racist because I am smart".

his theory of change is no change at all; he wants to preserve the existing politico-economic configuration.

you have zero reason to feel guilty, he is the one who should feel guilty!

Unless you really believe he has some deep potential to change his views (and it doesn't sound like you think that), your values are too different, which will only become more obvious after you exit college and enter the workplace.

Where you see tragedy and exploitation, he will probably see opportunity and reward. At the very least you need to talk with your partner about this, and make it clear that you’re worried that this difference is insurmountable because while he sees this as just a difference of opinions, you see the two of you as existing in fundamentally oppositional moral paradigms.

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Well, that pretty much means that rich people will suffer and the poor and generous will likely be rewarded.

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I will say though that I'm dating a democratic socialist and even that puts a strain on our relationship, and with me being a devoted ML not sure if things will work course you don't respect his worldview, politics, or theory of change.

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