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She’s not concerned if the guy is interested, she’s certain if he is he’ll keep pursuing and if he’s not, he’ll stop but that’s on him to figure out as she’s too busy deciding if he’s right for her.

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So does that mean everyone needs a roadmap to understand us? I can’t speak for the fellows, so this blog is more centered around what it’s like to date a female INTJ.

Likely the first thing the guy will notice is that he has no clue if she likes him or not.

If she managed to complete her studies and then pass the years of residency, and now works as a surgeon, she is extremely purposeful. There is a lot of cooperation involved in saving a patient’s life or helping them return back to health.

A surgeon cannot do it on her own but has to work together with other specialists.

, where Natalie Portman played a female doctor who had no time for relationships because of the tight schedule of a medical resident. So, what are pros and cons of dating a female doctor? There are plenty of good things that could be said about dating professionals of medicine.

Thinking about a potential relationship with a physician or surgeon, it seems that guys have it all in the bag, while girls complain of trouble finding partners. To be able to get into a medical school takes a lot of effort during the school years. If a lady is a medical specialist, this means she has way above average intelligence.

Though fellows be aware, the INTJ female will typically be direct and not leaving any question if her assessment has resulted in a fail, it will be a polite ‘this has been fun, but we’re not a fit, wish you the best! If the guy makes it past the first few dates, it means the INTJ woman sees potential which kicks off the next month or so (sometimes more! INTJs are super open minded, so this phase isn’t about passing judgement on the other person, it’s about assessing compatibility.

The other thing about INTJs is they are less bothered by superficial things like what he wears, what he does for a living, does he have straight teeth, or other tangible things.

In general, the benefits of being in a relationship with a professional medical specialist seem to outweigh the shortcomings.

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