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Those who are codependent are often those we see as having a “relationship addiction”, flitting from one brief fling to the next — with every short-lived romance ending in a dramatic show of sparks that would make blush.Those who suffer the curse of codependency form relationships that are one-sided, destructive and downright toxic.The relationships we form with our parents, our siblings and even our friends can also be codependent ones, most often manifesting in situations of drug or alcohol abuse, as well as physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

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The warning signs of a codependent relationship are always clear, but they’re not always heeded.

If you or someone you know is manifesting one of these symptoms, they might be struggling with a codependent relationship.

As they compromise more and more of themselves, they begin to believe that this over-giving is what it takes to “make things work”.

They start to view their boundaries as a thing that must be sacrificed on the altar of their partner’s happiness and that leads to a codependent trap that’s hard to crawl out of.

When they love, their partnerships are emotionally destructive and often abusive, and it seems as though they go out of their way to find spouses and lovers that are unsuitable.

Codependent relationships are not suspended to the realm of romantic entanglements only.When it comes to codependent relationships, there are always red flags and warning signs abundant.The problem, however, is that both the parties involved are often so hurt and stuck in the traumas of their past that they don’t even realize they’re also trapping themselves in a toxic cycle of pain and abandonment.Relationships that cause us to lose touch with the friends and family are toxic.Losing contact with those who are important is a sign that something isn’t right, and it’s often a sign that something sinister is brewing beneath the surface.Codependency is a dangerous relationship dynamic that can destroy lives if it’s not identified and dealt with.

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