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If you want to be sure and rule out other underlying medical illnesses, I can also help.""CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Dr.

Human beings are complex individuals with a specific constitutional makeup, a unique developmental history, and often a varied social environment.

All of these factors are important to assess and understand when you are suffering.

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She had tickets to see a Rangers game in Dallas, Texas, and asked a coworker she liked to go with her.

They were at that stage where they both knew how they felt, but they hadn’t admitted it to each other yet.

During our visit we may decide together to order diagnostic labs (insurance billing if appropriate).

You will follow up to review these labs with a Functional Medicine and Board Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach.

I am here to help - I offer a deep psychological perspective. I am a psychoanalyst as well as medication-prescribing psychiatrist. Medication often gives quicker relief -however, with our hard work together in psychotherapy, we will have the best hope for healing - something I hope to give to you.""My patients find me because they want someone to listen and make sense of their journey.

They have usually tried and failed several medications. Prior to your 90m initial evaluation you will fill out an extensive online health history.

If you feel that you need a complete evaluation of your mental state that includes examining all of those factors, then I can help.

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