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Dagrassi dating game

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Rhi, my dearest, Chris has spent enought time away from you and it’s now time to act the part of the adult that you are and rekindle the ONLY romance your young, kind and forgiving heart will allow, K?

Besides, we all wanna know how you got Breezy to put your draws on his head!

And ANOTHER thing, the 3 singles that DID go #1 from GGGB were written by other artists: "Umbrella" [The-Dream], "Take A Bow" [Ne-Yo], "Disturbia" [Chris Brown]. Try again, womp womp I miss the good old days of the music game, Aaliyah, TLC, Donnell Jones,etc jjj: Why is it so unbelievable that they are not together? What Rihanna may be doing with her front is nobodies business; and non of you are eligible to judge her. he will sell out big time, and be bigger than ever. Too bad he had to find out the hard way, to stick to the mountains and lakes he's used to, like TLC said in their song, Don't go chasing Waterfalls. Well, we follow your logic, then Breezy, if he can come out with some decent shit, will always make money; he can COMMAND a stage!

She needs to be thanking each and every songwriter/producer she worked with on that album because they saved her career. drake looks like frankenstine they are made for each other, chris was too good for her, well its his own fault he should have dated jordin. she will ruin your career just like she did to chris! but you judge tasha for spreading gossip on a blog? I guess this is why Jay is taking Cici on tour, he stage/dancing is on point!Hopefully that’d be the only place he wore ‘em - any said surprizes coupled with the Feb 8th would be more than my heart could take!ok » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock!The real estate market is still in a slump, so why would Canadian rapper Drake drop almost mil on luxury condos in Miami?Probably because he believed the real estate broker's pitch that the housing market was hot again, and his 2 investment properties would increase in value.when drake said hoeanna is talented he means talented at being a hoe lol cant wait for her 2 fade away i doubt that will happen but theirs nothing wrong with wishful thinking an u annoying stans better not cum with ur follish talk and call me a hater when all im doing is keeping it real. I always thought Ci Ci and Breezy were "good together, far better than her and Justin Timberlake, I was never really feeling him after that "wardrobe malfunction incident." I mean, look at where Janet is and look at where Mr.

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