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#memories #unforgettable #stonewedding," she tweeted.

I enjoyed myself in the villa and I didn’t exercise a lot.“I liked to treat myself every now and again with food.

Actress Tiffani Thiessan and her hubby Brady Smith were in attendance.

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Refused an offer to appear as Festus Haggen in the movie Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987), which reunited James Arness, Amanda Blake, Buck Taylor and Fran Ryan from the original series. Producer John Mantley, interviewed for TV Guide when the movie aired, said Curtis had demanded double what Blake got; other sources say Mantley was at fault in offering Curtis an insultingly low salary (not specified in either account).

On Gunsmoke (1955) as Festus Haggen, he always drew and fired a pistol with his right hand -- but whenever he had to use a rifle, he would bring it up to his left shoulder and pull the trigger with his left hand (sighting with his left eye and squinting with his right).

Yes he is still dating her as of and he said that he still was in a recent scorch trials (the second in the seirs of the maze runner) interview.

Nicole Curtis is divorced from her ex-husband with whom she had a daughter* with. Although he married six times, he is considerably gay.

Often, Festus would squint with the right eye partially closed as well.

This was never explained unless the actor or character had lost vision in his right eye.

As was the custom at the time, they lived above the jail and his mother, Nellie (Sneed) Gates, cooked for the prisoners.

He once said he patterned "Festus" after a local character known as Cedar Jack, who lived about 40 miles out in the cedar hills and made a living cutting cedar fence posts for farmers and ranchers.

Considering the kind of scruffy, backwoods, uneducated, Deep-South hillbilly types he played, many people would be surprised to hear that Ken Curtis wasn't actually born in the south but in the small town of Las Animas, Colorado, the son of the town sheriff.

They would probably be even more surprised to learn that he began his show business career ...

The Searchers, The Alamo, The Killer Shrews, Mister Roberts, The Horse Soldiers, The Giant Gila Monster, The Wings of Eagles, Robin Hood, Cheyenne Autumn, Conagher, The Young Land, Two Rode Together, Pony Express Rider, Don Daredevil Rides Again, Once Upon a Texas Train, Call of the Forest, Lone Sta...

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