Craigslist dating fake devotionals for dating couples review

Plainclothes Police Officer Emmanuel Portorreal posed as the boyfriend for the face-to-face meeting with the Bronx seller on the corner of West 168th Street and Broadway.The other officers were scattered in four unmarked cars as backup, with Posner positioned in the front seat of one car in order to visually ID the Broadway bandit.

I went to attempt to contact them - no email to email them or anything.

I did find the email for their legal department so I thought I'd email them - the response I just now got back: Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

New York Yankees announcer Michael Kay was one of the victims.

He was duped out of two $167 tickets by a Craigslist scammer a few weeks ago.

I have never had a post last for more than a few minutes. The only email address posted is [email protected], and that's a fake email address.

Doesn't anyone think this is something suspicious. If I were allowed to give them either zero or negative stars I would.It flag the term gay as vulgar oh, but said I could still post it. I do not understand why a place that wants to put up success stories, with people meeting, would not allow an innocent relationship ad for a gay man finding another gay man. Danielle Posner was deflated but determined when she marched into the 33rd Precinct station house last Friday.She’d been looking forward to that night for eight months — finally getting to see the hit play “Hamilton” with her boyfriend.But when she called Ticketmaster to double-check the event codes, they came back invalid: The 0 tickets she’d bought from a Craigslist seller were fake.Copied someones short post and removed some words, they denied that too. I tested it with a friend who is able to post ads, and responded to his ad and he never got the response.

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