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Eventually they ended up meeting, and, after she wondered aloud why he was out with her because “it sure seems like you’re gay,” she went in for a kiss, much to his surprise.

“It was also the last missed connection I ever even searched for,” Paez-Pumar laughs.

He still worked at the diner, but different hours and the two hadn’t been running into each other.

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Thirteen percent were women seeking men, and just 1% from women seeking women.

Amidst the barrage of A/S/L queries one can find fantastic reading material, moments—many of them sweet, profound and earnest—that feel a little like peering through someone’s crush diary.

Of course, Sykora and Posladek’s story is an anomaly, especially for Missed Connections.

Like any other first date, a Missed Connections encounter can be just plain bad.

And some—attempts to find someone after many years away, or trying to snag someone’s number after a clandestine hookup—are the ultimate shots in the dark.

After a week, the writer has the option to repost their Missed Connection or let it fade away. The formula is no-frills, the possibilities abundant.It wasn’t any weirder than the left-and-right swiping I was doing on Tinder, or the occasional forays into my Ok Cupid inbox.In fact, it was perhaps less strange than a typical internet blind date, because we’d actually met and spoken to each other before we went out.Calls for “French doctors from Brooklyn who liked Box Trolls” and the person who “punched me in the face on the M”? Some are blatant jokes and a handful are straight-up disturbing.A generous subsection of Missed Connections are pure digital performance art, a sounding board for poets and word experimenters.As a 2013 study showed, the places where Missed Connections happen vary wildly by state: In the midwest, the supermarket is a prime locale for an encounter, while Walmart the top place for unresolved attraction in the south.

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