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This floating test trial eliminates glass, heavy phenolic resins and celluloid as amber imitations.

However, copal would not be clearly differentiated by this test. Electrostatic charging Amber has the ability to become electrostatically charged after being vigorously rubbed on cloth (best on wool, felt or silk).

Even the most experienced specialists can be mistaken, as happened to the experts at the British Natural History Museum, who recently discovered that a bee preserved in amber believed to be one of the oldest known examples of this particular species was in fact a fake and probably no more than 150 years old.

The difference between glass and amber is relatively easy to recognize – glass is heavier, colder and harder than amber.

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It is unique and beautiful and can be quite expensive when the pieces are exquisite, or contain rare organic inclusions – insects or plants, which are extinct for a long, long time.

Attempts to counterfeit amber are as old as its history.

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Amber is a natural polymer made over many millions of years from the resin of prehistoric pine trees.

The electrical charge formed on the amber surface is negative. Smell Vigorous rubbing (on cloth or even on your palm) until the piece of amber gets slightly warm, may cause it to emit weak resinous fragrance (of pine or turpentine) but copal may even begin to soften and the surface may become sticky. After washing the specimen in mild soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and then lick it.

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