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Repairing this damage can be difficult and there's a point of no return beyond which hostile standings will be impossible to repair.

After every 16 missions you complete, you'll be called on by a nearby agent to complete an important storyline mission in service to your chosen faction.

These missions are as important as they sound, giving a bonus to your faction standing on completion.

Since high faction standing unlocks the agents of every corp in an entire faction, these rare opportunities to gain it are important to take.

The storyline agent that requests your help is always the closest one belonging to your faction.

So if you can find a storyline agent for the corp you're interested in gaining standings with, you can just run your 16th mission nearby and you should be called to that agent for your important assignment.

In this case, CEO must be a character without standings and all members with positive/negative standings must leave the corp.

The full payment will be made in the first day when I’ll join to corp.

Be careful when accepting a mission which involves Navy ships as each kill will also net you a decrease in faction standings with that navy.

If your standings with a whole faction get too low (below -6.0), you'll be attacked by that faction's navy any time you're in their space.

Read on as I give my top five mission-running tips to maximise your income from mission-running.

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