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We are very cautions of possible gossip that may occur from divulging our personal affairs.

We depend on each other in life and death situations but we still remain distant and closed off in many aspects of our lives.

We rarely even give others suggestions or advice of great things you can do with your significant other to improve your relationships.

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He was found in violation of Police Department rules for failing to obey all laws and conduct unbecoming an officer, and was penalized four holidays.

Krasicky suffered a separated shoulder at one point, but declined to press charges in any of the domestic incidents involving her and Armeno, police documents have shown.

Within each of us we are sitting on a wealth of information that others can benefit from.

Recently I received amazing input from dozens of professional with uniformed experience.

Those who wear the uniform are a funny and weird breed especially in law enforcement.

We spend countless hours with fellow brothers and sisters in uniform for years but we rarely talk about our relationships and the troubles that we go through.

There is no proposed policy regarding fraternization before the police board, which sets department policy, and Hall didn't know when one might be drafted.

But, he said, it should start with research into other departments' policies.

While inter-office romance shouldn't happen, it can't be prohibited, Kanasky said.

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