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Excavated examples were made by Copeland and Garrett. Excavated examples were made by Copeland and Garrett. Originally it had no centre design, but in the 20th century a scenic centre was added and the name changed to Old Salem.233 Tower (ca. Earliest pattern number for the border, which is the same as the Milkmaid border, is 3166. The mark on the copper plate was used between 18 (Godden 191).238 Violet (pre-1867—20th century). A 20th-century mark occurs on the copper plate.241 Warwick Vase (pre-1847—? Examples have not been retrieved in excavations but a fragment of border design could belong equally to it or Warwick Groups. Excavated examples were made by Spode, and Copeland and Garrett.

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Copeland spode dating date marks

About 1825 the central design of Union was redesigned as a border and called Union Wreath (Whiter 194).

It is still manufactured by Spode Limited.236 Union (ca. Its border is the same as that on Spode's Girl at Well.

Thomas Garrett was for 14 years a partner of William Taylor Copeland’s and wares manufactured between 18 bore the “Copeland and Garrett” mark.

Very little is known about him and he seems to have made little mark on the company.

A Copeland and Garrett mark appears on one of the copper plates.

It is a series of scenes depicting events in the military career of the Duke of Wellington.

Many factory workers, now long dead, can be named, and their descendents traced.

The Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala written by James Bateman; published by J.

These ‘profiles’ were hand held tools used to form and shape the foot ring and the back of plates.

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