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You want to make sure to ask the right questions for him, but you also want to make sure that you are getting an accurate representation of what he is like.

Here are a few tips on some good questions and topics to ask and talk about with your online man.

Let them tell you all about it, and you get an A plus for bringing it up in the first place. If you actually like sports and know a lot about them, you can get to know each other a little better and have something to bond over.

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You can also start talking about what kind of traits you look for in a man, or that he looks for in a woman.

These kinds of questions are important and don’t ever be afraid to ask them.

I know this is the most stereotypical subject to talk about, but they love it!

Men always want to talk about their favorite sports and sports teams.

This always shoes him that your versatile and aren’t just the kind of girl who wants to sit inside all day. This topic is a little more serious, but it opens doors to many important things when it comes to dating and relationships.

Opposites attract, but it is important that you share some common values and beliefs.Learn what is bothering him in the world today, and you will learn a lot about him and his personality.Just try to stay away from religion and politics, because often times feelings can easily get hurt and it causes problems when talking online.It is always fun to see where people have gone to become who they are now. If he doesn’t cook very often, you can tell him that you two can cook a meal together sometime.People change a lot over the years and it is always very interesting to learn about how they were when they are young. It’s the little things that can be the most romantic.Family and childhood play a huge role in the person how you are today. Just remember, if he doesn’t treat his family and close friends with respect, he won’t treat you with respect each her. This lets you see their comedic side and teaches you a little bit about their friends.

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