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After Hotmail forwards your messages, a setting that you configure when setting up forwarding determines if the original messages remain in your inbox or are deleted.

Just as Hotmail lets you forward messages to other accounts, you can also use it to consolidate messages from other accounts in your Windows Live email inbox.

If you use another email address as your primary one, forwarding your Hotmail messages to it can help consolidate your emails and eliminate the need to log in to multiple sites to check all your mail.

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However, forwarded emails may or may not display the original sender’s email address in the body of the message.

If you need to view the address of the original sender, you can do so by viewing the source header information in the message.

Use the instructions below if you want to connect an account to your Outlook on the web (work or school) account in Office 365.

If you're using or, see Add your other email accounts to for instructions.

Jeff Grundy has been writing computer-related articles and tutorials since 1995.

Since that time, Grundy has written many guides to using various applications that are published on numerous how-to and tutorial sites.If you forget your password, or even your login username, Hotmail will send a recovery link to your alternate email address.Therefore, it is very important you always keep your alternate Hotmail email address up to date and ensure that you can access the inbox for that account.If your other email accounts are POP3 enabled (and most are), Hotmail can check the servers for those accounts for new messages and display them in your Hotmail inbox.Because it is possible to have many external email addresses associated with your Hotmail account, finding and managing them all takes a bit of navigation on your Windows Live account page.For example, a business email address looks something like this:[email protected], people see that you're a legitimate company, and they can even view where your official website is located.

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