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If you will be hard on cash after graduation, please pay interest asap. Take a part time job, internship or whatever to pay these interests while still in school!

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Beware as your interest rate will be nice and low for that first year but Sallie Mae will require you after that year to complete another application with they will double that interest rate for the next disbursement.

After many frustrating calls to them to find out the reason why the interest rate doubled their response was “I can understand your frustration but the interest rate has doubled for the additional loan”!!!

A Sallie Mae rep processed a payment of mine incorrectly resulting in a late fee and literally dozens of harassing phone calls before I could figure out what the issue was and resolve it with the incompetent customer service. They only offer forbearance which compounds interest and makes you pay out more in the end. Good luck getting answers from their customer service reps.

This is what I get for blindly following my parents' advice with loans and not knowing what I was doing as an 18 year old fresh out of college. They give you the runaround and then rudely ask if they can help you with anything else... They charge ridiculous interest rates and make it impossible to refinance. Advice for those in the early stages of getting Sallie Mae: I took 2 loans with them to pay college.

So here I am, living in a van, because I signed a deal with the wrong hand.

My son completed an application for his Junior and Senior year of college.They usually get a high monthly fee (I've heard 700-900 ) For 4 years in school, I paid 7/month for both loans which is ,136 total until graduation. I know that choosing to pay interest in school vs outside school, is still the same, but I don't have to be attacked with high monthly fees.After grace period is over, I will be paying 0 total for both loans since I have been paying interest.For most people having high monthly payments is impossible especially if kids are involved, rent or low income job.Save yourself from this high payments by paying interest asap. When you sign, everything looks bright and cherry as you're working on the education of your dreams.One being 6100 with a 11% interest rate and other 00 with a 10% interest rate. Unlike most people in this forum, I chose to pay interest while still in school.

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