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Citibank used to have a student loan unit but closed it down a few years ago.Some students may have since graduated and are currently working a job, and not even realized their Citibank student loans were handed off to a different loan servicer.

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They offer private student loans and student loan refinancing through this model, offering loans through their credit union and community bank partners.

Common Bond was founded in November 2011 and they offer undergraduate loans, graduate & MBA loans, as well as student loan refinancing.

Some of the reasons Citibank sold off its student loan unit were due to increased restrictions in student loans and risks associated with unsecured loans.

Since 2010, a lot has changed across the student loan landscape. These loans are available to undergraduates and graduates alike.

Credible will compare rates from Advantage Education Loans, Brazos, Citizens Bank, College Ave, Earnest, EDvestin U, i HELP, MEFAEarnest was founded in September 2013 by Louis Beryl, former partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and Ben Hutchinson, a finance executive and Head of Commercial Finance at BBC.

Earnest offers personal loans and loan refinancing, like many companies on this list, but they don't rely strictly on credit scores and debt ratios.

Citibank stopped offering student loans back in 2010. Ironically, Sallie Mae benefited from Citibank shuttering its loan unit by buying billion of federal student loans.

Discover bought billion in private loans, and the Department of Education bought .7 billion in federal loans. Private loans were part of the Citi Assist loan program — also now defunct.

They have a proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration around a hundred thousand data points that include education, spending and saving habits.

Earnest was acquired by Navient in 2017 and they have an agreement where they cannot refinance Sallie Mae loans until 12/31/2018 (which has since expired).

In college, I was required to live in campus housing for my entire Freshman year. We were in the basement floor, affectionately called the Donner Dungeon.

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