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News such as the merging of the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) is defining the next generation edge computing standards for industrial operators.

However, for that to happen and to prevent the Io T projects from failing, businesses need independent and expert advice at several levels to find the right people to lead the project and the right technology and partners to make implementations successful.

With more than 20 years’ worth of international experience in the ICT sector, Francisco joins Ecosystm as Principal Advisor.

Francisco loves travelling, playing tennis and having good conversations.

Research from Bitglass has found that organizations are enabling bring your own device (BYOD) without putting proper security tools, training, and best practices in place.

Same organisations indicate that they will use or at least evaluate several platforms.

Initiatives such as , I had warned about the degree of complexity that Fog /Edge Computing will add to the already complex Io T solutions.If it is already difficult to justify the ROI of a use case using a single type of connectivity – it is almost impossible to justify that these devices will need to communicate with other devices on different Io T subnets.It seems that it is easy to get lost in so much connectivity technology. At least we can already intuit some of the platforms that will survive among the 700 that some analysts have identified.Businesses are estimated to be spending USD 426 Billion worldwide on Io T hardware and software in 2019 alone.Yet, three out of every four Io T implementations are reported to be failing.Most recently, Francisco was EMEA Industry Lead, Communications & Media for Microsoft, where he was charged with driving revenue growth and increasing market share in the vertical.

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