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2 Gmail accounts then you cannot open two accounts at the same time in the same browser. Chrome to access one account, and Firefox to access the other account.If you use the Google Chrome browser then you could create two chrome accounts and use one account for one mailbox and the other chrome account for the other.Q- I’ve consolidated all my email on Gmail but my email messages take a long time to appear in my Gmail account?

You might also need to access your email from different locations and on several devices.

There are various ways that Joe can manage and accesses these accounts.

This is a common technique when moving email addresses, and is normally used as a temporary measure.

It can also be used for consolidating email into a single mailbox especially for email accounts that aren’t used very often.

He then configures his account to read email from the other two email accounts and place it into his inbox.

See Note: -It is important that you only use the main account to send emails if you want all of your sent emails to be available in the one account.A- It all depends on your preferences, but using an online master email account means that all your email is available in one place and from anywhere in the world using a web mail client.Q- If I consolidate the email in a master online mailbox e.g.All mail appears in the Universal inbox which means that you will need to find another way of separating it (e.g. You can manage multiple email accounts online by using a Yahoo, Gmail or mailbox to consolidate the email.This method is similar to the desktop client consolidation except it is done on the email server.The screens hot below shows Thunderbird configured to access 3 mailboxes using IMAP4.

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