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Most artists’ colors manufactured in these last 40 years are formulated with pigments which are considered safe to the artist or the environment.Synthetic pigments have found their place alongside the traditional pigments and shine in their own right; they are not only beautiful but have superb lightfastness and permanence.

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However, further studies did not lead to a complete elimination of these pigments in artists’ colors or other industrial applications.

The thermal and chemical stability of Cadmium is far superior to other pigments of similar hue.

Vallejo introduced Acrylic Studio, a line of artists colors which does not contain either Cadmium or Cobalt pigment.

Liquid Acrylic and Model Air, color lines formulated for airbrushing, do not contain Cadmium or Cobalt.

If in addition these solvent based colors are used in vaporized systems such as airbrushing, they become truly dangerous to health, and the use of a mask and a protective screen for airbrushing is already part of the legislation in many countries.

Acrylic mediums have a low rate of solubility, and are by far safer in airbrushing techniques.

Material safety data sheet: Pigments can only cause damage to health in case of inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin.

Pigments in solvent-based mediums are more likely to be inhaled due to the volatile nature of the medium.

CH is a new European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use.

There is a need to fill these information gaps to ensure that industry is able to assess hazards and risks of the substances, and to identify and implement the risk management measures to protect humans and the environment. For a period of two years formulas for our colors were submitted to a U. laboratory, and were found within the safety limits set by the ASTM organization.

In our factory we have samples going back 10 years or more which have not changed or undergone any kind of alteration due to aging or temperature fluctuation.

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