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Additional privacy options allow users to control profile exposure in search results.

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In spite of the fling dating lifestyle popular these days, Campus Flirts chooses to be different by sticking to the traditional model of dating and by offering an online venue to those who believe in the same philosophy.

The site fosters an exclusive college dating community geared to the needs of students and alumni only.

So, for example, a student swiping at New York University on Tinder U could match with a student at Columbia University or go back into the main app and match with someone older if they choose.

The service is rolling out to Apple i Phone first and will be available at four-year colleges.

Roop Hall is an acoustically correct recital hall large enough to seat a small orchestra.

Read More Home to the computer science and mathematics departments, this building also houses three computer labs (two PC and one Mac) and a Sun Station Lab.

The building, outdoor sculpture, plaza and landscape are a fusion of architecture and art, with a sculpture by Mary Miss at its center.

The CFA facilities include Wachovia Theatre, five soundproof rehearsal rooms, Roop Hall, art studios, the Freedman Gallery, and printmaking and darkroom facilities.

Users will be able to see matches from their school along with nearby colleges and universities.

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