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For a natural lifter your body can make roughly .25-.5lbs of muscle per week.

Adding a ton of weight quickly is not the route to go.

Having a high bodyfat can shorten that range of motion.

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Yes and no, You want to make sure you are providing your body with enough calories to get through your gruelling workouts but not enough to the point where you are actually putting on fat. Muscles are responsible for helping your joints move through certain ranges of motion, unlike fat, which its primary job is to insulate you.

Muscles are what actually lift the weight, fat doesn’t.

# Exploit Title: Adobe Coldfusion Blaze DS Java Object Deserialization RCE# Date: February 6, 2018# Exploit Author: Faisal Tameesh (@Dread Systems)# Company: Depth Security ( Version: Adobe Coldfusion ( Tested On: Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.15063)# CVE: CVE-2017-3066# Advisory: Category: remote # Notes:# This is a two-stage deserialization exploit.

The code below is the first stage.# You will need a JRMPListener (ysoserial) listening at callback_IP:callback_port.# After firing this exploit, and once the target server connects back, # JRMPListener will deliver the secondary payload for RCE.

Next lets look at Layne Norton– Layne is 5’10 and competes in the 93kg class.

He is also a competitive bodybuilder who steps on stage at around 195lbs.

A couple of years back I decided to finally “forget about keeping my abs” and bulk myself up. I felt sick all the time trying to shove food constantly down my throat and I remember one day walking up stairs and feeling out of breath!

I normally sit around 185-190lbs, within a couple of week’s time I bulked up to 217lbs eating roughly 5,500 calories per day. Extra fat does nothing but sit on your frame, which adds pressure to your joints. I did add some muscle to my frame but not much more than if I would have bulking up slowly.

Lifting the big weight is true but is that gut part true?

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