Classy dating servicess

Even if your date doesn't end up being The One, you'll still be doing something you enjoy.You’ll know right away if the relationship stands a chance once you find out who’s better in the kitchen.

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Obviously, this won't work if either of you is sick or squeamish, but a fondue place or traditional Japanese shabu-shabu lets you prepare your food in the same shared pot.

The latter is customizable and gives you something to talk about while you watch your beef and veggies cook leisurely in a simmering pot.

vibes to kick back and learn more about each other.

Think: Places with yummy pastries, or gorgeous art and high ceilings.

Plus, you’ll find out what their drink order is—and that says everything you need to know about them.

If you’re near one of their locations, Eataly is the perfect place to explore and eat some great food.

So, even if the date is bad, you’ll at least feel like your time wasn't wasted.

And if the vase looks ridiculous but the date went well, you'll have a funny story!

One great all-seasons date for booze lovers is a brewery tour.

You can sip on the latest IPAs and ciders while getting to know each other—it's a win-win.

There'll be plenty to keep you busy, you'll feel like your time went to good use, and you may even bond over the experience.

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