Classic teen dating etiquette film 1940

Classic hilarious scenes include Mom commenting, I hope Jeff doesnt feel he has the right to…take liberties.

Dating: Do’s and Don’ts Produced: 1949 Length: 12 Minutes Dating in the 1950s!

Dating Dos and Donts is one of the greatest examples of 1950s culture ever acquired.

Jerry is the perfect 1940s example of a well-mannered gentleman, while Frank exhibits many characteristics of incorrect prom behavior.

Jerry guides Frank through these tough choices as the narrator makes comments like Allow the ladies to be more colorful.

Resorting to scare tactics, gross depictions of different couple who went too far, got pregnant, and had to get married fly across the screen. is a telltale conservative 1950s film that makes for fascinating viewing today.

Junior Prom Produced: 1946 Length: 20 Minutes Junior Prom teaches proper etiquette for all aspects of going to the junior prom by showing the adventures of two different boys, Jerry and Frank, who go out on a double date together to the prom.

These films are for anyone who loves to laugh at the past.

Fascinating US government sponsored classic films collection targeted at young persons all about what to do, how to act, who to go with, and what to think, when going on a date. This is a rare look into the past when the post-WWII campaign for strengthening family, marriage, and the community was full stride.

Studs Terkel even makes a cameo as a helpful swimming teacher.

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