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The second will be touching on clinical pastoral counseling work and evidence regarding this topic on how the sexual addiction is treated.And lastly but most importantly the Orthodox methods of treatment, the Orthodox perspective on the treatment of the sexual addiction.

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That night, after he calmed down, he wanted sex, and i REALLY didn’t want it. Next night we pray thru this stuff on i MADE him read psalm 119 cos it’s all about he word of God, he can barely get the words out cos this demonic presence is trying to stop him, he couldn’t focus, his vision was blurred, he was tired, complaining, fidgeting, it took him about 20 minutes to read it out.

He pressured me, so i let him, but then, he turned the light on during, and i felt this dirtiness as he looked at my private parts, so i turned the light off, he turned it back on. So he starts prayin this stuff, confessing this stuff off the site, it has specific prayers see.

And i was pretty upset when i found out, cos i was still thinkin bout leaving him and was scared that if i did his family would try n take my child off me.

i got so sick with the pregnancy i lost 8kg in less than 2 months, vomited all day, in bed all day pretty much, he had to go get me weird foods n stuff.

We will cover some ground in the next sequences of podcast, and as I did previously I will try to overview the treatment of sexual addiction fundamentally from three perspectives.

The first will be the 12-Step traditional fellowship, SA, which is Sexaholics Anonymous.

It was spot on because turns out he’d been havin that desire growing towards one of his female friends who i had told him repeatedly to stay away from (and he sneakily met up with her a few times) for coffee etc.

So anyway, he just confesses like EVERYTHIN one night, i’m so broken i can’t believe it, God tells me i can choose to forgive or not, he is begging me to not leave, when i mentioned that i was considering it he starts hyperventilating (mini panic attack) tells me he’ll do whatever it takes to keep me.

Assad, now married, moved to Nashville in 2008 to pursue Christian music full time.

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