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Every time the one type wants to have a good time, then the other type comes in and makes a real mess.

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OK, so everyone has a different race, and nobody knows what their race is.

is the cornerstone of progress as I've always said. [Angela and Pam place their cards on their foreheads, with the cards saying "Jamaican" and "Jewish" respectively] and I want you to treat other people like the race [Kevin places his card on his head; it says "Italian"] that is on their forehead. Pam: [To Stanley, who has been assigned "Black" as his race] Hi, how are you?

Something stereotypical so I can get it really quick.

" Come on, stir the pot, stir the melting pot, Pam! Pam: OK, if I have to do this, based on stereotypes that are totally untrue, that I do not agree with, you would maybe not be a very good driver.

It was like I didn’t exist to them, not as a person, let alone as a woman. This time at USC was notable for me because my experience there was in great contrast to some of my experiences when I lived among large populations of blacks; from an early age, I was used to men and boys noticing and admiring me.

Any feminist worth her sensible shoes will disavow whistles, but it was an odd, if not unwelcome experience for me to be so ignored. If it is typical, it would begin to explain why there are fewer black female/white male romances.

Michael: You'll notice I didn't have anybody be an Arab.

Toby: Hey, we're not all going to sit in a circle Indian style are we?

This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out of here.

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