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In that season he had an average 17.5 points and 9.1 rebounds per game.

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Following his break up, he dated a beautiful actress named Tracee Ellis Ross in 1996.

This time too, his relationship lasted only for three years as they separated in 2000.

In these early years, Norman's parents moved around the country a lot which resulted in him going to nine different schools, and living in various locations around England, such as, Redcar, Luton, Kimpton and Nottingham.

By 1962 however, the family had moved back to Norman's mother's home city of Bradford.

His mother’s name is Doris Webber and father’s name is Mayce Webber Jr. However, not much is there regarding his earlier days and childhood.

Much of the attention and fame he earned over the years is entire focuses towards his work and talent.

Finally, he finally found the lover he was waiting for.

Her name is Erika Dates, and he married her on 6 September 2009.

As teenagers, influenced by the new era of groups such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and then folk singer, Bob Dylan, Norman and Silson began meeting up and spent nearly all their spare time learning new songs on their guitars.

They managed to persuade Uttley to join them and, along with a drummer friend called Ron Kelly, they formed their first band.

After trying for several years, in June 2017, he became the father of twins(a boy and a girl).

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