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One should be willing to work hard and create a unique brand that will cater to your target audience.

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For more information on these services, contact your local telephone company directly.

As a lot of chat line industries are springing, it is essential that you have unique, exciting and fresh ideas.

976 service is also a pay-per-call service, which is provided only by Bell Canada in Ontario and Quebec.

Rules for 900 and 976 services are not exactly the same.

You can select from assisting people seeking dates/ companionship/ adult conversations, entertainment.

This chat line business can even extend to you offering psychic reading and even tarot card readings. Chat line operators can also provide in terms of e-banking, purchasing items online, technical support on your electronic gadgets.

Wrap up your mind for the type of chat line operator business you want.

There are different types of operator business out there.

These services are offered by third parties called .

900 content providers pay the telephone companies to use their networks.

Companies must also tell these customers about the call blocking feature that prevents calls being made from their phone to 900/976 services.

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