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After the match, her reason for entering the tournament is revealed (which is that she wanted to impress Lan). She was the first one to actually send Lan an E-Mail and gave him his first Mega Chip.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that she and Lan married as adults and had a son named Patch. In the anime, she and her Navi were shown to be quite a powerful fighting team, but not until much later in the series. Match and Torch Man which she won with the help of Guts Man.

Throughout the series, she attempts to show Lan that she can protect him, just as he has protected her many times.

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Mayl's parents are not seen in the series, but in Mega Man Battle Network 5, one can see a Vision Burst set 11 years in the past, where it is revealed that her father is Netopian.

Mayl is a young girl with fair skin, short hot pink hair, and brown eyes.

Before the match with Lan, Mayl's Net Navi, Roll, was kidnapped by a generic lovesick Navi, who hides her somewhere in the net and summons viruses to guard her.

When Mega Man arrives to rescue Roll, she is seen controlling the viruses with love.

In the games, Mayl is usually a supporting character, giving Lan some advice or comforting him when he's in trouble.

Her Net Navi Roll, proves to be a weaker fighter than her anime counterpart.

During the event where Lan has to save Mayl before the bus explodes, Mayl sent Roll to stop Color Man. Her Navi wasn't strong enough to beat Color Man, but still manages to hold him off till Mega Man arrives. EXE: The Medal Operation Mega Man NT Warrior • Axess • Stream • Beast • Beast • Rockman.

After this event, Mayl played a lesser role in the game until near the end, when she saw Lan entering a secret entrance towards Wily's Lab. EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program • Mega Man NT Warrior (manga) Battle Story Mega Man NT Warrior • Gekitou!

Her outfit consist of an aqua-colored shirt, blue vest, pink skirt, black thigh high socks, and dark red shoes.

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