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There's another about Nayanthara which has led to similar outrage.

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Although insinuations were made about male and female celebrities, it was the women concerned who faced the brunt of it.

Singer Chinmayi, for instance, was hounded relentlessly on social media by men asking for her "rate".

If the audience Karthik Kumar was speaking to didn't know who Nalini was and what she looked like, there is no joke.

The lines deliberately use body shaming to set up the joke - but does the ending compensate for this?

What we're slowly getting around to call as 'sexual harassment at the workplace'.

It's true that Karthik does not say the word 'penis' himself but that is what he wants the audience to think, that is where the humour is supposed to come from.

At another point he talks about how the sighting of a bra is considered to be akin to nuclear leakage from Kalpakkam, even though he objectifies women throughout the show.

These 'right' sounding lines here and there come across as disclaimers to the sexism written all over the jokes. The more privileged a comedian, the more careful they have to be in writing comedy.

Can it be considered black humour when the comedian protects his interests and lays bare those of others?

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