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The report, entitled "General Education in School and College," noted the limited extent of train- ing offered In some secondary schools which forced colleges to require elecentary courses in many fields. '55, standout player on this year's soccer team, has re- ceived honorable mention as inside right on the AU-Amerlcan Inter- collegiate Soccei- Team of 1952. Many claimed that Har- vard is not coed, and therefore "mixed" cheerleading is out of place.

However, it added that frequently many good schools carry their ablest students well into college work. Quinn scored a goal In each of the first six games Williams played to help earn his present honor. Members of the Council ex- pressed fear of ridicule from Bos- ton papers and other 'Ivy" schools.

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Graham Hiunes and Hodman Starke, hoth '54, were named Secretary anil Treasiner respectively. On minor issues tlic enairman may taxe a stand without consulting tlie others. Williams is one of twenty-two colleges invited to send dele- gates to the Brown University forum on undergraduate (jroblems, scheduled for February 27 and 28. Bowen of the economics denartment, on the subject of "K^thics and Economics".

The new officers will pick their own executive eoinicil and house rejjresentatives. On the larger problems, however, the boards majority opinion will be absolute, and relevant editorials will be written by a spokesman for the majority grou[. Panel discussions will cover fra- ternities, the honor system, student government, the curriciiluin, counseling, student-faculty relations, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. Tliursday, Feoruary 19, in the Thompson Biology Lab auditorium.

A student must gain a passing grade of at least 70 on this test which may be taken only once. Is the l^ECOKD comniitied to die support ot administration policiesr' Is it committed to reflect the majority opinion of the student body? 18— An elev- enth hour snowfall gave i-ise to a bevy of snow sculptures ranging irom a complacent couple sitting in front of a fireplace to modern- istic design to adom the campus over Winter Carnival weekend, xhis year's contest winner was l-hi Delta Theta which depicted a oobsled and riders rounding a turn.

In i addition to passing the test, a freshman must rank In the top half of his class; a sophomore, in the top two thirds; and a junior or senior in the top three quar- ters. Is it committed w continue the pohcies set by previous editors, or even the policies set by the present editors at a different time? Peter Connolly '53 poses with I ^^^^y F,evening revelers this year's Carnival Queen, Bobby I initiated the weekend by attending itcdmond of Vassar.

A 1951 graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy, lie first learned to play soccer in Spain. His dice were not turning up in the way that he had figured they should.

Starting in the backfield, he soon gained further experience when his family moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gombaud tui'ned to Blaise Pascal, the famed mathematician, for help.

^ O Kelsey, a track stand out for the past three years, has served Washburn to Discuss Mt. 3 — Bradford Washburn, Director of the Boston Museum of Science, will speak on his 1951 ascent of Mount Mc Kin- ley. Tliere is nothing static aoout the composition ol tliese majorities; the KECORU board is not polarized into |5erinaiienr groups ot "liberals ' and "conser- vatives, ' of "total rushers ' and tiateriiity men." Many decisions will be carried by a vote ot H\e to tour, and a slight change in tlie situation may result in the changing of one vote and tlie subsequent reversal ot an editorial position. Most of the delegates expected to attend are prominent in undergraduate life; several student council presidents, class presidents, newspaper editors and interfratemity board presidents will he on hand. The aiiniial frosh debating contest will be on the subject; "Tliat the Taft-Hartley Act Be Repealed." There will be a pre- liminary try-out for the debate at 4 p.m., Monday in 9 Gc Kxlrich Hall.

the highest mountain in North America, tomorrow evening in Chapin Hall at eight o'clock. And since the rules of journalism bar "halfheartediiess, two contradictory editorials may be couched in equally violent terms, giving readers tlie impression of an extreme schizophrenia. Speakers will have five minutes main and three minutes re- buttal on either side of the (|uestion.

tcontinuj;d when Quinn came to the United States, and attended the Valley Forge Military Academy where soccer Is not offered to the stu- dents. Larson, Cynthia Qee, Wheaton Palmer, Jane Beeston, U. La Place at the end of the eigh- teenth century for the most part completed probability theory.

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