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This was exemplified by the exclusion of key opposition parties from the race, continuing repression of those running and Leenco Lata’s recent failed attempt to return home to pursue peaceful political struggle after two decades of exile.

(Lata is the founder of the outlawed Oromo Liberation Front, fighting since 1973 for the rights of the Oromo, Ethiopia’s marginalized majority population, and the president of the Oromo Democratic Front.) A few faces from the fragmented and embittered opposition maybe elected to parliament in next month’s lackluster elections.

Furthermore, the vast majority of Ethiopian migrants are political refugees fleeing persecution.

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Still, unemployment and lack of economic opportunities are not the only reasons for the excessive outward migration.

These conditions are compounded by the fact that youths, ever more censored and denied access to the Internet and alternative sources of information, simply do not trust the government enough to heed Hussein’s warnings.

This came only days after an anti-immigrant mob in South Africa killed at least three Ethiopian immigrants and wounded many others.

Al Jazeera America reported that thousands of Ethiopian nationals were stranded in war-torn Yemen.

This dynamic and Ethiopia’s role in the “war on terrorism” explains Washington’s and other donors’ failure to push Ethiopia toward political liberalization.

However, Ethiopia’s modicum of stability is illusory and bought at a hefty price: erosion of political freedoms, gross human rights violations and ever-growing discontent.But they have also raised questions about what kind of desperation drove these migrants to leave their country and risk journeys through sun-scorched deserts and via chancy boats.The crisis comes at a time when Ethiopia’s economic transformation in the last decade is being hailed as nothing short of a miracle, with some comparing it to the feat achieved by the Asian “tigers” in the 1970s.(Saudi deported more than 100,000 Ethiopian domestic workers during a visa crackdown.) A friend, who worked as a technician for the state-run Ethiopian Electricity Agency, joined him on this fateful trek to Libya.At least a handful of the victims who have been identified thus far were said to be college graduates.But far from healing Ethiopia’s gashing wounds, the vote is likely to ratchet up tensions.

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