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As our voices slowly rose, two other canoes approached, and we all put down our paddles for an impromptu summit. Our token kept quiet, unable to get a word in, until finally he asked, “How will they ever figure out how to get along in the Middle East?

Surrounded by and oblivious to the peace and tranquility of Algonquin Provincial Park in central Ontario, we started arguing. Even the Montreal Jews can’t agree.”No matter what you say about Israel, someone will get angry.

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Toronto and Montreal are quite different from Tel Aviv, where I went in early 2012 to interview Jews who had become pro-Palestinian activists. You say what you want here.”Back in Canada, I visited the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre to ask Jacqueline Celemencki, the education coordinator, why Canadian Jews are more conservative in their Zionism. After World War II, Montreal received the third-largest group of Holocaust survivors in the world. “It dismantled and destroyed generations and generations of Jewish life that will never be re-established in many countries, so the only hope for the future is a collective identity based on this controversial and contested piece of land.”She points out that among Montreal Jews, as in many victimized groups concerned with survival, a mistrustful attitude persists.

We sat in the cafés, and while these Israelis criticized their government, raged against the power of the settlers, and testified to Palestinian suffering under the occupation, I kept looking nervously over my shoulder. Unity and solidarity within the community are valued more than debate and dissent.

The extremists attack and defend with words or, more specifically, with invocations of the Holocaust and accusations of genocide—to the point of absurdity.

Today, almost twenty years after ’s Soup Nazi, comparisons with Nazi Germany have become cynical clichés.

But keep in mind the watchdog organization that targeted me at .

There certainly are well-funded Zionist groups that pressure and attack anyone perceived to be critical of Israel.

A representative of a Zionist watchdog organization showed up, ostensibly to guard against anti-Semitism in Middle Eastern studies departments.

When he posted his misunderstanding of my lecture online, I received a series of standard threats from strangers.

Venturing to question the Jewish state gets you labelled an anti-Semite by right-wing Zionists, but left-wing activists can be just as vicious.

Admit that you want Israel to remain a safe haven for Jews, and you’ll be told your Zionism is racist.

It is intimidating; one has to think twice before talking publicly or writing about the conflict.

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