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For birth certificates, states typically base sex on the doctor’s report at the time of birth—and when a child is born with intersex characteristics, the parents and doctors make a determination one way or another.When Keenan requested a birth certificate change last year, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene agreed to revise her birth certificate on the grounds that “intersex” was an accurate record of her physical status at birth.Burk remembered being a “deer in the headlights,” entirely unsure how to respond.

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(Australia has on all its official government forms the categories male, female, and “X.”) Keenan herself has supported blurring the line between the intersex condition and self-imposed gender identity—she was the second person to obtain the gender status of “non-binary” in California, where she lives. Toby Adams, Keenan’s lawyer, founded the Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project, “the first legal organization in the United States to address the right of non-binary adults to gender-self-identify on legal documents.” But the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA)—the main American advocacy group for children born with these kinds of conditions—doesn’t agree with applying the non-binary label to intersex children.

ISNA urges parents to assign their intersex children the gender of either male or female (though it does not advocate surgery).

Many of Odiele’s school holidays were spent in doctors’ offices, with medical students often viewing her without her consent.

“Why are all these people looking at me when I’m fully naked? Her parents were told that if she didn’t have her testes removed when she was ten or eleven, she would develop cancer (a common practice, Odiele tells me now—a response to our society’s fear of nonbinary bodies; in some cases intersex children are no more likely to develop gonadal cancer than anyone else).

He thinks Matthew , where Jesus refers to “eunuchs who have been so from birth,” might refer to children with intersex conditions.

“The existence of intersex conditions doesn’t mean that we no longer believe in the male and female binary,” Burk says. Just like you have all manners of physical malady and disorders that afflict the human bodies, intersex conditions fall into that category.

The color scheme is an unwitting commentary on the “pink is for girls” stereotype—a funny backdrop, she says, laughing, for the subject at hand.

In the new landscape of sex and gender—in a world where trans and gay rights have made incredible strides—intersex is perhaps the last taboo.

Odiele is now 28 years old, a model who has walked runways from Chanel to Givenchy to Prada and starred in campaigns for clients including Mulberry and Balenciaga.

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