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If he had managed to get any real secrets, you can rest assured, he would have been dead, long before he leaked them. This also implies that everything you think you own belongs to your current owner.

Swede: He had consentual, protected sex with two girls (at separate occasions), the condoms broke or maybe he removed them. Please learn your place, move away from the tree and proceed to the nearest kitchen, young trollop!

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Of course they want Assange "taken care of", I mean, his organization did expose them for what they really are- a bunch of corrupt and greedy assholes. he maybe a shit for brains but without them doing what there doing pointing out the stupidity of our governments personally be angry at the fuck for brains that are in a governments making total FUCK UPS THAT PUT OUR SOLIDERS FUCKING LIVES IN STUPID FUCKING SITUATIONS FOR TOTAL GOD DAM BULLSHIT..

on a interesting note have you all stocked up on tinned food? Like people didn't know the governments are all lying sacks of shit who do not represent our interests but our own?

The cancer came back, and this woman said that she was sure that god would help her ' once again '.

Like some shitty god helped her first time, when it in fact was Dee Dee's money and the doctors' skills that helped her.

We'll never know for sure, but I hope he didn't do it. Sweden has always been the US' most reliable slave.

Well, except for in the 70's when Olof Palme was in office- and you killed him off!

Anonymous: @The original spoon are you really stupid keep looking at it when you put the finger, of course it would look the same rite at the begging but keep the finger there and keep comparing them and you'll see it Anonymous: furore23, I can smell your pussy from here.

Just because you don't have the balls to get inked doesn't mean there's anything wrong with tattoos.

and internet, put the cost in there and stop bothering me ASSHOLE, it is not your music, you were givin'a contract for this add in which you deviled that beauty, you shameless son of a whore..(wasn't member yet)rock: none of us mind paying her,what we do mind is also paying her lawyer and her publicist and her make up ladies etc music industry is run by parasites who dont even care about music. It has been proven that the level of belief is inversely proportional to their I. And, there are Athiest groups who are going door to door in New York spreading their gospel of non-belief.

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