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They’d rather work things out with a few colleagues or go alone. They are social beings but prefer interaction with close family or friends; the fewer the better.ISTJ’s prefer quiet, restful, neat and predictable environments.The attraction was a job that required physical labor, being out-of-doors often and of course, beautiful horses. I found work on a small private estate first in Rhode Island and a few years later, in New Jersey and stayed well out of the limelight of traditional workforce until age 28.

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In fact, I am still casually friendly with two of the office staff almost twenty years later. I thought it might be that I had worked with horses for so long.

It’s important to develop the ability to take charge with these big animals.

The idea of being inside all day long, sitting at a desk, milling around people and following rules sounded like a cage.

As an introvert, the need to separate from the crowd was strong. The only career goal I had at the time was to work with horses.

The horse has to yield, never by force, but by energy. Good horse handles walk into the barn and take charge. Style of Communication Non Traditional I participate in discussion forums and understand INTJ females talk in a straight, unemotional guy like manner.

The directness, clarity and energy are not typical of a woman. I am not a type A personality, rather I’ve learned to be self-sufficient and rarely wait for a task to be completed, preferring to figure it out and do it myself.Our employer was a living history museum in Massachusetts.The reaction had something to do with the way I walked into an office and spoke.My MBTI personality type assessment outcome is routinely INTJ or ISTJ.Every test is slightly different, and of course, I am different on the day it is taken.Dependence on others is an option, however, remember to follow your instincts and fulfill your needs first. She suggested the norm isn’t the norm for everyone. The year was 2005 and there it was, I learned almost everything I am today from Steinem.

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