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With generation Z growing up in the internet age and 66.7% of the world’s population having smartphones, we now have the largest demographic of digitally connected phone addicts. Bank My Cell’s survey set out to unearth the present state of smartphone usage in the toilet combined with confessions of the extent we go to stay connected.Smartphone manufacturers have been criticized for the addictive nature of their devices, everywhere you look someone is texting, tweeting or talking on a mobile – what about where you can’t see? Further to other previous studies, we set out to uncover data that would highlight the bathroom cell phone use trends between gender, generation, and even the device operating system.This new survey data suggests that that smartphone use in the bathroom is much more predominant in men, with a greater number of female respondents using it rarely to never.

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Additionally, we were shocked to see 11% of the silent generation taking cell phones to the toilet too, the correlating low app usage data suggests this may be more of a convenience for mobility/sense of security among other possibilities.

Generation Note: With so many overlapping generation-defining birth dates we standardized logical breaks correlating to popular suggestions from Wikipedia sources. During the specified timeframe of the survey, these were the U. states where cell phone usage in the restroom was the most popular.

The first shocking find is that nearly one in five women have taken their phone for a dip in the toilet.

Really consider that for a moment, in comparison to men that have surveyed one in eight which is still astonishing.

However, if you’re on paid work time and your boss calls, what do you do?

Well, one in nine men confessed to taking a call from their boss while on the toilet rather than waiting to call back after.

Surprisingly, 88% of Android users in the operating system specific survey topped i OS, making them 12% more likely to pick up their phone in the bathroom.

The study shows generation Z (96%) and Y (90%) have overwhelming toilet texting interactions, showing just how disturbingly dependent Gen Z and millennials are on smartphone interaction.

The most distressing find was one in nine males using dating apps, so in theory one of your matches on Tinder could have been from someone sat on ‘the throne’ …who says romance is dead!

According to a study by Live Person, 73.7 percent of Generation Z and Millennials rely heavily on interactions via phones and apps in comparison to real life.

This survey reveals 37 percent of women have taken a bathroom selfie compared to the mediocre 9 percent of men, with an average of one in five people sending toilet snaps.

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